Why My SASSA Status Pending – Approve Your Status

You shouldn’t worry too much if you applied for SASSA and are still waiting to hear about your SASSA status. SASSA has to deal with thousands of applications for SASSA SRD Grants. Each application must be verified and processed. What if your SASSA R350 Status is still pending because you applied but took longer than …

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SASSA Payment Dates for July 2024

Sassa Status Check

SASSA officials have announced their applicants’ July 2024 payment dates; you need to check your pay date or the amount of the new grant you will receive.  The SASSA old age grant can be collected on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2024, for a person who is an applicant for the SASSA old age grant, and a …

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SASSA Change Phone Number In 2024

The South African Social Security Agency provides simple online and offline methods for SASSA to change your phone number after verifying your ID. This guide will explain how to update contact information for SASSA SRD Grant holders who have lost their old number. You will also receive grant updates, payment dates, and other notifications through …

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 Can I collect my R350 without a pay date in 2024

SASSA R350 Grant

You have not yet received the SASSA payment date after SASSA has approved your grant. You don’t need to be concerned if you answered yes. Remember that other people may be experiencing the same issue as you if your grant payment is delayed. Incorrect or missing banking details usually cause these delays.  There are other …

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How to Get SASSA WhatsApp Number

SASSA on WhatsApp

SASSA offers a WhatsApp-based support service to South African applicants. This service allows users to check their SASSA Status and to seek assistance on other issues related to SRD R350 and social grants. Look over the complete guide and make your day over the moon; What Exactly is the SASSA WhatsApp Number In 2024? It …

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How to Get SASSA Reference Number

How to Find Your SASSA Reference Number for Grant Applications

The reference number is important to both the applicant and SASSA because it allows you to track the progress of the application. You will get a form reference number in every case, regardless of the method used to apply for SASSA grants. The SASSA reference, on the other hand, is an alphanumeric combination like the …

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How To Solve UIF Registered SASSA Issue?

SASSA and UIF in South Africa are the two main organizations that help South African citizens. In “UIF Registered SASSA declined,” you can see who is having financial difficulties before they distribute any money. Before they give out any money, they follow strict rules.  They check to see if the person needs help and if …

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Buy Airtime With SASSA Card In 2024

Buy Airtime With SASSA

You can buy Airtime with your mobile phone if you have a SASSA Card. You can purchase Airtime very quickly. It is easy to load your phone with Airtime when you need it. The availability of mobile banking and improvements in Technology have made it easier to recharge your phone. You can now recharge your …

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How to Get SASSA OTP Code Quickly

How to Get Your SASSA One-Time PIN (OTP)

The SASSA OTP is a one-time pin that is sent each time to your registered number. When you try to log into your SASSA grant or change your personal information. The pin code is unique and changes each time. It is used to verify identity. It also ensures that you are the one making changes …

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