How to Reinstate Your SASSA Grant After Cancellation?

You can cancel the SASSA grant if you no longer need financial assistance. You may have decided to cancel the grant because of a new job or an improvement in economic conditions. This article will show you how to reinstate your SASSA grant easily and without any problems. I will also go over the requirements that you must meet to be eligible to apply for your grant to be reinstated.

How to reinstate a canceled SASSA grant? 

If you prefer, you can either reinstate your SRD award online or by visiting an SASSA office.


You must have some things with you before you begin the reinstatement process. You will need your South African ID Card and the phone number that you used to Apply for the SASSA Grant. These documents are required to verify your ID and complete the reinstatement procedure through the SASSA site. Please follow the instructions below to submit your online application.

Step 1: Visit the SASSA official website

You can visit their website to access the SASSA Reinstatement Page.

STEP 2: Enter Your Identification Details

You will be asked to enter the South African ID number as well as the phone number that you used when you applied for the SASSA grant. To avoid problems, make sure you enter all the details correctly.

STEP 3: Send the PIN

Double-check that you have entered your ID number correctly. Click the button to send the pin once you have confirmed. The system will send a Time Password to your registered number after clicking.

STEP 4: OTP Verification

In a few moments, you will receive an OTP on your phone. Enter the code into the website. After you enter the OTP, click the Verify button to confirm your identity. Then, proceed with the reinstatement.

STEP 5: Selecting the Reason for Reinstatement

You will be directed to a page asking you to explain why you want to reinstate your grant. Three options will be presented to you. Select the option that best describes your situation.

  • Canceled by Error: Select this option if you have accidentally canceled your application.
  • You no longer have income: Select the option if there is no source of revenue.
  • Other Options: Select this option if you do not fit into the first two categories.

Step 6: Confirming the Reinstatement Request

After you select the reason to reinstate your grant, you will see a confirmation message asking, “Are you sure you wish to reinstate this grant?” To finalize the reinstatement request, click on the Yes button. You have completed the online procedure to reinstate your R350 grant and successfully submitted your request. Now, you will need to wait for SASSA’s review and decision.

By Visiting SASSA Local Office 

If you want to reinstate your application by going to the office instead of applying online, you can choose to reinstate your canceled R350 grant by visiting a SASSA office. Below are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Visit the nearest SASSA office 

Visit your nearest SASSA branch. Searching for SASSA near me in Google will help you find the nearest SASSA. Once you have located the office, check and confirm its operating hours. The SASSA office is usually open between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. However, it’s important to verify their hours of operation.

Step 2: Bring all necessary documents 

Be sure to have all the documents necessary to support your reinstatement application before visiting the SASSA office. The documents you will need include.

  • ID Card: Bring your South African ID card or smart card with you.
  • Proof Of Residence: This could be a utility bill or any other official document with your current address on it.
  • Bank statement: Bring your most recent bank statement, if you have one. You may need to verify your financial standing.
  • Documents Supporting Your Financial Situation: It is any other document that supports your current financial status, such as proof of unemployment or sudden changes in income.

Step 3: Verify your identity and submit your application 

When you arrive with your documents at the SASSA office, inform the SASSA staff that you want to reinstate your SRD Grant application. The representative will need your ID card and other documents necessary to confirm your identity and evaluate your request. After receiving your documents, the SASSA worker will submit your reinstatement request. You have now successfully submitted your request for reinstatement of your grant.

Meet Criteria In 2024

SASSA will require that you meet certain criteria before you can reinstate the R350 grant. Your request for reinstatement will not be accepted if you do not meet the requirements set by SASSA. Let’s go through each requirement one by one.

Citizenship Of South Africa 

You must be a South African citizen, a person seeking asylum, a refugee recognized by the South African government, or a person who holds a special permit. You must meet these basic requirements to be eligible for grant reinstatement. This allows SASSA to ensure that grant money goes to people living in South Africa.

Age Requirement for the R350 

Grant You must be between 18 and 60 to qualify for this grant.

Requirements for the Grant 

To qualify for the grant, you must live in South Africa. This means that your primary home and where you spend the majority of your time should be located in South Africa.

No other government help 

If you receive any of these forms of assistance, you are not eligible for the R350 grant. You are also not eligible to receive the grant if you are receiving funds from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) or support from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

Income Criteria and Asset Criteria 

To qualify for the R350 grant, you must earn less than R624 a month. Your assets and income also have to be within the SASSA means test range. This test determines whether you have enough money to meet your basic needs and whether you qualify for a grant.

Requirement for accepting job or education offers 

You must not reject any offer of employment or education without a valid explanation in order to qualify for the R350 Grant. You may lose eligibility for the grant if you reGrantsuch offers.

State Institution Restriction on R350 Grant 

You must not live in a government facility such as a hospital or care center. Unemployment and Financial Need for R350 Grant To be eligible for this grant, you must be unemployed and have no other income source. It is intended to help those who are struggling financially and do not have any other support.

What is the SASSA approval process?

SASSA will typically review your reinstatement application within 7 to 14 days. A maximum of 90 days may be required in certain circumstances. Various factors, including the workload of the agency and the volume of applications received, require this additional time. 

Once your reinstatement request has been reviewed and a decision has been made, SASSA will notify you via SMS. If your request is approved, you will start receiving the payments from the date you initiate your grant restoration request. 

However, if your request is rejected, SASSA will also provide you with a detailed explanation as to why your grant reinstatement request was not approved. It is important to review and understand the information provided in the rejection notification as it will contain important information regarding your eligibility for the grant. This information will help you make informed decisions about your future applications or any necessary actions you may need to take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I re-award my grant if it was canceled in error or because of improved circumstances? 

The reinstatement process applies if you canceled your application due to improvements in your situation or for any other reasons. The reinstatement request allows you to specify the reason for the cancellation.

What documents am I required to reinstate my SASSA grant that was canceled at the office?

 Suppose you decide to reinstate your grant in the SASSA office. In that case, you will need your ID card, proof of residence (utility bill or any other document that proves your current address), a bank statement (if you have one), and any supporting documents that demonstrate your financial situation.

How long does it take SASSA to accept a reinstatement? 

SASSA usually takes 7 to 14 days to process reinstatement requests. However, based on their workload, the processing time may extend up to 90 days.

What should I do when my request for reinstatement is denied?

If your reinstatement request has been denied, the SASSA will inform you in writing. This notice will include information on the next steps, such as whether you can appeal your decision.

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