SASSA Card Declined – How to Unlock Your Card?

If you are a South African and receive social grants, you may have a SASSA card. If you’re here, then you probably had problems getting this grant because your card was blocked or SASSA card block issues. Continue reading this article if you accidentally or intentionally blocked your SASSA Card and wish to unblock it. This article will explain how to unblock a SASSA card and also why they are blocked. Stay connected with his blog;

SASSA Card Declined Solutions in 2024

It is vital for your financial well-being that you have access to this card. You may find that the SASSA card has been blocked, and you are unable to access your grant. Follow our guide to unblock your SASSA card. There are several ways to unblock your SASSA card, depending on the reason it was blocked. Continue reading to find out how I unblock a SASSA card. You don’t need to look for solutions when your SASSA card is blocked. Take our guide for help. It will be of great help. 

Visit Nearest SASSA Office 

If you are experiencing technical problems with your SASSA card or need more information, first visit the SASSA office closest to you. Staff will help you unblock your card and resolve any issues.

Use Helpline

Call 0800 601011 from your phone without worrying about call charges, as this is a free number. Call 0800 6010 11 and wait to hear the answer. Ask the representative to unblock the SASSA card. You will be assisted by the assistant in restoring card activation.

Order a new card 

You can also order a replacement card if you have not been able to unblock your current card. You will receive a new card, which you can use to withdraw cash or grant funds. You will need to bring your ID documents with you when visiting the SASSA office. You can ask them to create a new ID card for you. You will need to pay R26 for the new card.

Reset Your PIN 

You can reset your PIN if you’re sure that your card has been blocked because you have entered the wrong PIN too many times. Visit your local SASSA office. They only ask for identification to prove you are the cardholder.

Wait until the block expires

If you go over the daily withdrawal limits, your SASSA card can be blocked. The block will expire the following day. The block will expire the next day, but you can use your card normally.

Reactivate your card 

My card was blocked when I couldn’t get my grant because I had left the station. I went to their office and presented proof of my identification and grant application. My card was unblocked in a matter of minutes. If you don’t collect your grant in time, the SASSA card can be blocked. Like me, you must visit the SASSA office nearest to you with the necessary documents to reactivate the card.

You can retrieve your PIN.

After successfully reactivating SASSA, you can request a one-time PIN from the department via WhatsApp. Then, you can access your form to reset your PIN. Follow the steps below;

  • Contact SASSA via WhatsApp at this number: 082 046 85553.
  • Wait for the response to “Hi”.
  • When you get their response, respond with “Help”.
  • You will be presented with several options after you reply to 4. Find “SASSA OTP,” and then reply.
  • You will be asked for your reference number. You will need to enter the SASSA reference number.
  • To retrieve your OTP, follow the instructions to the end.

SASSA Card Declined Reasons

You need to know the causes of restrictions on your card before you can find a solution. See the reasons below to see if you are one of them: You can block your card if you exceed your withdrawal limit. The daily withdrawal limits range from 2000, depending on the grants you receive. Please check the SASSA website for the latest limits. You can also limit your card if you repeatedly enter the wrong PIN code. 

If you didn’t collect your grant in time. If you do not collect your grant on time, the card will be blocked. If your SASSA account is insufficiently funded, you may also see a decline on your card. Your block card can be caused by a technical problem with the SASSA system. 

If you no longer hold a SASSA grant. You cannot reactivate the card if you are no longer a SASSA grant holder. These are the most common causes of blocking your card. Let’s now move on to the solution for unblocking your card.

SASSA may also block your credit card if it suspects that your card has been used in a suspicious or fraudulent manner. They will investigate further. Post Bank is currently undergoing a system migration. Sometimes, card declines occur due to glitches that arise during migration. Card declines can also occur if you have closed your personal bank (Not Post Bank) or if there are any outstanding transactions. 

How to prevent future SASSA card blocks?

If you finally unblocked the card, it is important to be aware of what can still block your SASSA. Here are some precautions you can take to prevent the card from being blocked in the future.

  • Protect Your PIN: Never share your PIN with anyone. Avoid writing it down or saving it to your phone or other devices.
  • Be careful with ATM transactions. Make sure you’re in a secure and safe location when using an ATM. Look for suspicious individuals or devices around the ATM. Be aware of your surroundings and shield your PIN when entering it.
  • Store your SASSA Card safely: Never leave your SASSA card unattended. Do not leave it unattended or lend it to anyone.
  • Update contact information: Make sure that you update your contact details, including your address and phone number, with SASSA. They can then contact you in the event of any problems or notifications relating to your card.
  • Report stolen or lost cards immediately. If you lose or steal your SASSA card, immediately report it to SASSA. The SASSA can block your card to prevent unauthorized use and help you obtain a new one.
  • Check your card’s balance and transactions on a regular basis: Keep track of the balance on your card and check your transactions. You can then take immediate action if you discover any discrepancies or unauthorized activities. Following these precautions will help you minimize the risk of your SASSA card being blocked and allow you to access your grants and funding without any problems.
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Why Is My SASSA Not Working In an ATM?

There are a number of reasons why your SASSA card may be declined. Financial assistance is provided to eligible individuals by SASSA, the South African Social Security Agency. SASSA cards may not be accepted for withdrawals or other transactions in some instances.

Exceed withdrawal limits: 

SASSA cards typically have withdrawal limits associated with each transaction. If you attempt to make a withdrawal that exceeds these limits, your SASSA card may be declined. It is important to familiarize yourself with the withdrawal limits for your SASSA card to avoid this situation.

Entering incorrect PIN codes: 

Your SASSA card requires a PIN code, or personal identification number, for transactions. If you enter the incorrect PIN code, your SASSA card will be declined. Double-check your PIN code before initiating any transaction to ensure it is correct.

Delayed grant collections: 

SASSA grants are payments made to beneficiaries each month. Sometimes, there may be delays in these grant collections, leading to a cash shortage in your SASSA card. If your SASSA card has insufficient funds due to a delayed grant collection, it may be declined when you try to withdraw money or make other transactions.

Technical issues: 

Technical issues can arise with any system, including SASSA’s card payment network. Such issues can prevent your SASSA card from functioning properly, resulting in declined transactions. If you suspect technical issues are causing your SASSA card to decline, it is recommended to contact SASSA for assistance.

Suspected fraudulent activity: 

SASSA takes fraud prevention measures to protect beneficiaries’ funds. If your SASSA card usage triggers suspicion of fraudulent activity, your card may be declined. SASSA may also freeze your card temporarily to investigate any suspicious activity. If you suspect that your SASSA card has been compromised, it is recommended that you report the issue to SASSA immediately.

Closing of personal bank account (non-Post Bank): 

SASSA cards are typically linked to personal bank accounts, but non-Post Bank accounts can also be linked. If your personal bank account is closed for any reason, your SASSA card will be unable to receive any funds, leading to declined transactions. It is crucial to keep your personal and SASSA accounts active and linked to avoid any disruptions to your SASSA benefits.

Lastly, your SASSA card may be declined for various reasons, including exceeding withdrawal limits, entering incorrect PIN codes, delayed grant collections, insufficient funds, technical issues, suspicion of fraudulent activity, or closing your personal bank account (non-Post Bank). By understanding these potential causes, you can take appropriate actions to prevent or resolve issues associated with declined SASSA card transactions.


How do I reset my SASSA pin? 

You can reset your SASSA card PIN by going to their office and bringing your grant form, personal identification number, and your SASSA card. In just a few moments, they will have your data and reset your PIN. 

What should you do if the SASSA card does not work? 

There are many reasons why the SASSA card fails to work. You can contact their customer service center or toll-free line to fix the issue if you’re experiencing this problem. 

How long will the money in my SASSA card stay? 

You can store your money on a SASSA Card for as long as you like. You can also withdraw your money at any time. It can be frustrating to have your SASSA blocked, but you can unblock it in several ways. You can unblock your SASSA card if it is blocked by following the steps in our guide. Our article may help you to solve this problem. 

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