SASSA Reapplication and Status Check-in 2024

The SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) SRD (Social Relief of Distress) grant program is a lifeline for individuals and families struggling with economic difficulties and not living hand-to-mouth. SRD R350 is a monthly grant that provides financial assistance to people who meet the eligibility criteria.

SASSA offers its beneficiaries a monthly reapplication service. They can reapply if their grant is denied if they did not apply within the specified time frame, or if their situation has changed, such as a change in employment status since their original application. SASSA recipients can reapply and receive the SRD grant of R350. The R350 grant is automatically renewed for people who meet the criteria.

SASSA Reapplication In 2024

You may have to apply again for the SASSA grant for several reasons. These include:

  • Expiration of grant: Your current SASSA grant will expire unless you reapply.
  • Change of circumstances: If you have changed your living, financial, or health situation, you may need to submit a new application.
  • Rejection of your application: If your initial application was rejected, you must submit a new one with corrected or updated Information.
  • Missing or inaccurate details: You should submit a new application with correct information if your original application was rejected or did not receive approval due to incorrect or missing information.
  • Verification of eligibility: SASSA reviews grantees’ eligibility regularly. If your eligibility has been questioned or is being reviewed, you may have to submit a new application.
  • Grant cancellation or suspension: You may need to submit a new application if your grant has been canceled or suspended.
  • Income change: If your financial or income situation changes and you meet eligibility requirements, you must reapply.
  • Age Eligibility: You should apply again if you were previously not eligible due to age but now meet all the requirements.

Step-by-step guide for reapplying SRD R350 grant

You can reapply online for the SRD R350 Grant or visit your local SASSA Office. The online application is convenient and easy since you need only a computer, laptop, or cell phone with an internet connection. It is essential to check your criteria and understand the reasons for your SRD rejection before submitting a new application.

Reapplication of SRD R350 grant via SASSA website

It is easy to reapply online via the official SASSA website. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Visit the SASSA website

Go to the SRD website using the link Scroll to ” Updating your grant application“. Click on the button that says “Click here for an update to your application”.

Step 2: Enter your ID number and mobile number

You will need to provide your South African ID number or mobile number if you are African. If you are an asylum seeker, special permit holder or passport holder then your file number will be required. Click on “Send SMS“.

Step 3 of Mobile OTP Verification

You will be sent an OTP pin to your cell number once you have submitted your mobile number. The pin must be placed on the screen of the website and clicked to verify. You will be able to access your dashboard of personal Information.

Step 4: Provide your documents and update the Information

You will be able to see the Information you have submitted after logging into your portal. If you have submitted your information incorrectly, or your situation has changed, then it is possible to update the data. To strengthen your application, you must provide all required documentation.

Step 5: Resubmit Your Application

Double-check the Information you provided after making any necessary updates. Accept the terms and conditions and submit your application again.

Step 6: Save your Reference Number

You will get a message confirming that your request has been received successfully. You’ll also get a Reference Number. This reference number is important to keep safe as it may be needed in the future for tracking the status of your application or status checking.

Step 7: Keep informed about your application status

Check your application status on a regular basis through the portal after completing your reapplication. Approval of your request for a reapplication can take as little as 15 days but up to 90. The amount of applicants they receive will determine the time it takes to approve your request. If the wait is excessive, you can contact SASSA on their free toll number, 800 60 10 11, to find out what’s happening with your application.

SASSA Status Check on R350 Reapplication

You should check the status of your SASSA grant reapplication regularly. It may take 90 days to review and approve the SASSA grant. Check your SASSA grant reapplication online status for R350 by the following methods.

  • Go to the “SASSA status check” from this website
  • Please enter your South African ID Number and the telephone number you used when applying for a reapplication.
  • The Status Check button will appear.
  • You will receive a prompt display of your SASSA grant reapplication status.
  1. You can check the status of your reapplication on the SASSA Website:
  • Visit the SASSA official website by following the link:
  • Please provide your South African ID Number and the phone number you used to reapply.
  • The ” send pin” option will appear.
  • Your registered number will be sent to an OTP. You will receive an OTP to your registered phone number.
  • Your reapplication status is displayed on screen after the SASSA site verifies your OTP.

You can check the status of your application by visiting the SASSA or calling the SASSA Helpline on 0800-60 10 11.

Criteria of Eligibility for SRD Grant R350

SASSA will only assist those who meet the criteria. Please carefully review the following criteria to determine if you meet the requirements.

  • You must either be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee, registered in the DHA database, hold a permit special under a category such as Special Angolan Exemption Permit, Lesotho Exemption Permit, or Zimbabwe Exemption Permit, or you can be an asylum-seeker with a valid Section 22 permit.
  • South Africa is the only place you can live.
  • The age range is between 18-60 years old.
  • The SRD R350 is not available to applicants who receive UIF.
  • Your ID number, your mobile number, and data from your bank account must be complete and accurate.
  • If you cannot provide for yourself or your family and have no other source of income, such as social assistance grants from the government, unemployment benefits, etc., then this is a requirement.
  • requires that your monthly income must be less than R624 to pass.
  • The DHA should have your current date of birth.

Understand the reasons behind SRD Grant rejection

identity_verification_failed: This means that the personal Information in your application doesn’t match the record maintained by the Department of Home Affairs. It’s simply a case of your personal details not matching the record maintained by Home Affairs.

existing_sassa_grant: This means that the applicant was already receiving a different social grant during the reconsideration period, which makes them ineligible for the SRD Grant.

Nsfas_registered The applicant received funds through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme during the period of reconsideration, indicating that they had another financial source.

Uif_registered The HTML code indicates that the application received payments from the Unemployment Insurance Fund during the period that was reconsidered, indicating that it has another financial source.

gov_payrol_registered: This shows the applicant’s employment in a government institution during the reconsideration period, meaning they have a job and income.

age_outside_range(>60): This indicates that the applicant is over 60 years of age during the reconsidered period, making them ineligible due to age restrictions.

outside_range (18) : The applicant’s age is below 18 during the period of reconsideration, and therefore they are not eligible due to the age restriction.

Death Record in DHA Database: In the DHA database, the application shows the deceased status of the applicant during the period for reconsideration.

alternative_income_source_identified: This means the applicant had a balance of R595 or more deposited into their bank account during the reconsideration period, indicating an alternative source of income that exceeds the grant’s eligibility threshold.

Reapplication Tips

It is very important that you receive financial aid from SASSA to meet the basic needs of your family. For you to increase your chance of being successful, I’ve prepared a list that you can use when you reapply. Follow the following tips for a successful application:

Verify Eligibility: Before applying, make sure that you have met all eligibility criteria.

Provide Accurate and Current Documentation: Provide accurate and current documentation in support of your application.

Do Not Miss the Deadline. Be aware of the application deadlines. Submit your new application before that deadline to avoid rejection or delays.

Reapply Online: To ensure a seamless process, reapply online via the SASSA official website.

Verify Information Check and double-check all the Information you have provided to ensure your application is accurate and complete.

Get Help if You Need It: If you have any questions or need help with your reapplication, contact the SASSA, go to an SASSA Office, or speak to a knowledgeable person to clarify any confusion.

Track Application Progress: Stay on top of your application’s status and follow up promptly if delays occur or supplementary Information is required.

Be Informed: Follow any updates to the SASSA’s website or social media to learn about changes in the application process and eligibility requirements.

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