How to Get SASSA Reference Number

The reference number is important to both the applicant and SASSA because it allows you to track the progress of the application. You will get a form reference number in every case, regardless of the method used to apply for SASSA grants. The SASSA reference, on the other hand, is an alphanumeric combination like the numbers and letters that SASSA gives to applicants. 

Also, this unique ID number will allow the applicant to track the current status of the application. The SASSA RRD will let you know the status of your application, whether you have applied for a social grant such as an unemployment grant, children’s grant, or disability grant. 

Keep the reference number in a safe place and do not forget it. Forgetting the number can cause you problems. This article will tell you what the SASSA form reference number means and everything else you need to be aware of.

How do I get an SASSA reference number? 

SASSA will send you a confirmation receipt after you submit your application SASSA physically. The receipt will include your reference number. This number is important to save so that you can easily check for updates.

Check Reference Number Online 

You will receive your SASSA Number online via email or confirmation message if you have applied online for an SASSA Grant. The reference number is in the message or email. Keep the email or message as you will need the reference number in order to check on the status of your application.

How do I find my reference number via WhatsApp? 

SASSA has provided a WhatsApp number for applying for grants and receiving reference numbers.

  • WhatsApp is available at +27 60 012 3 456
  • You must message SASSA via WhatsApp.
  • You will receive a series of prompt messages and you’ll need to enter all the information according to those prompts.
  • You’ll receive a WhatsApp reference number after completing all steps and providing all details.

How do I get my reference number through Helpline? 

You can call SASSA at 0800 6010 11 for a free reference number and to apply for the grant SRD 350. What to do?

  • Contact the SASSA at their official number.
  • Wait until you speak to an SASSA agent.
  • The agent will need all the information to complete your application.
  • You’ll receive a number after they have reviewed your application. It’s important to keep it safe.

What if I lose my SASSA Reference number? 

Many people ask SASSA “What should I do if I forget my SASSA number?” The SASSA has provided some methods to retrieve lost reference numbers. If you have lost your number, there is no need to be concerned. Here are some simple steps you can take to recover your SASSA number.

SASSA R350 reference number through WhatsApp.

You can follow some easy and simple steps. This will make it easy for you to recover my reference number.

  • Add to Contacts: Add 082 046 85553 as a SASSA WhatsApp Number.
  • Send A Message: Type in “Status” and send to the WhatsApp number saved.
  • Reply to SASSA: Text “Yes” when you receive a response from SASSA.
  • Follow the Instructions: Provide all of the details requested by automated messages.
  • Get your Number After this, you will receive your reference number.

By Visiting the Official Website

  • Go to the Official Website: Please Visit the SGSC or SASSA site at
  • Enter your information: Type your South African ID Number and your telephone number.
  • Click on “Submit” Now click the “submit button”.
  • View Your Number: You will see your SASSA number along with other information about your application.

Find your SASSA R350 number with USSD.

  • Dial 1203210# on your phone.
  • Enter your ID . A pop-up message will ask for your ID number. Next, enter your South African ID Number.
  • Enter Your phone number: You’ll then be asked to enter your phone number. You must give the number you used to apply.
  • View Your Reference Number: The number you are referring to will appear on your screen.

You can find out your SASSA R350 Grant Application ID by using USSD.

How to find your SASSA ID using voice call

  • Call SASSA using : Dial 0800 6010 11
  • Press 1 : If you hear an automatic message, click 1.
  • Speak to an Agent: SASSA will connect you to someone.
  • Please ask for your ID: Tell them that you need to know your application ID.
  • Verify yourself: They’ll ask for ID card and phone number for verification.
  • SASSA Application Number after checking your details:

Ways To Update SASSA Details

You must inform SASSA if you have changed your bank account details, phone number or address. This will ensure that you continue to receive your grant.

  • To change your phone number, go to the SASSA SRD official website and login. Enter your new phone number in the section to change details. You’ll then receive an OTP. Enter it and click update.
  • To change your bank account, visit the section on the official site that explains how to update your banking information. You will receive a text message containing a code if you follow the instructions. This code can be used to update the new information for your bank account.
  • To change your address: Visit the SASSA office nearest to you. You can update your personal information by filling out a form.

Keep Your Personal Information Up-to-Date

SASSA will contact you using your reference number or other details. You should ensure that you receive your payments on time and important messages.

  1. Make sure SASSA is up to date with your current phone number, bank account information, and address.
  2. Use the email and mobile number you provided to SASSA at registration.
  3. Remember your reference number to check on the status of your application and confirm any information.
  4. Answer any SMS, emails or phone calls immediately from SASSA.

The importance of the SASSA reference number

A SASSA reference example is “SRD123456.” This example gives you an idea of how the SASSA reference numbers are formatted. Referencing numbers begin with letters such as ” SRD,” which indicate the type of assistance you are seeking. Then, there are numbers to make your application stand out.

The SASSA can quickly find the details of your application by using this special number. The reference number can also be called an application number. This is important because it has many benefits. Below are some of the reasons.

  • Status of your Application: The reference number will allow you to Check the status of your application by calling the SASSA office or online.
  • Tracking Grants You are able to easily track the grants that you receive from SASSA or check updates from SASSA.
  • Records Maintenance:This will allow SASSA to maintain your records and also help the agents to access the records that you have given them.
  • SMS Notification SASSA will send you all updates via SMS.
  • Connecting with SASSA When you contact SASSA by phone, email or in person, your reference number will help them quickly locate your application.
  • Quickly Checking Details:This number allows SASSA staff members to quickly check your details in order to help you and provide you with the information you require. This is a quick and easy way to ensure that your questions are answered correctly.

What is the Reference Value For SASSA Form?

The reference number is a critical component of your application as it serves as a unique identifier that allows you to track the status of your application and receive updates. Without this number, it becomes impossible to access information about your application or check for any updates. If you forget your application reference number, there are several methods available to retrieve it. One option is to contact the relevant authority or institution that handled your application. 

They should be able to assist you by providing the reference number or accessing it through their system. Alternatively, you can check your emails or correspondence related to your application. Many institutions send the reference number via email as part of their communication. By searching through your emails, you may be able to locate the reference number and use it to track your application.

To Conclude

Your reference number is important, whether you are applying for a grant or have already received one. This code will allow you to track your grant application, and update your information with SASSA. This number will be given to you if you apply for a SASSA grant. If you lose it or forget about it, do not worry. 

You can easily get it back by following the steps that I have mentioned in this article. Keep your SASSA phone number and your address up to date so that you can receive your money with no problems. How to obtain your reference number and why it is important have been discussed. You can get your grant more easily if you follow these steps.

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