How to Get SASSA WhatsApp Number

SASSA offers a WhatsApp-based support service to South African applicants. This service allows users to check their SASSA Status and to seek assistance on other issues related to SRD R350 and social grants. Look over the complete guide and make your day over the moon;

What Exactly is the SASSA WhatsApp Number In 2024?

It is SASSA’s goal to make the process of applying for grants as easy and convenient as possible for its beneficiaries. SASSA introduced WhatsApp Number 0820468553 to enhance the beneficiary experience further. SASSA grants can now be used for and checked for status, and information regarding all SASSA grants can be accessed via WhatsApp with this additional option. 

The WhatsApp Number 0820468553 provides beneficiaries with a user-friendly interface to apply for grants. They can send a text message to the number, providing the necessary details and supporting documents, such as proof of identity and income. The SASSA dedicated team will then process the application and respond via WhatsApp, informing the beneficiary of the status of their application. 

Furthermore, beneficiaries can use this WhatsApp number to access information about all SASSA grants. They can inquire about eligibility criteria, application requirements, and deadlines for different grants. By simply sending a message to the number, beneficiaries can receive quick and accurate details about the grants they are interested in. 

The introduction of WhatsApp Number 0820468553 is particularly beneficial for beneficiaries who may not be familiar with using the internet but are comfortable using WhatsApp. It eliminates the need for beneficiaries to navigate complex online systems or rely on intermediaries to submit applications or access information. 

Instead, they can rely on their smartphone and WhatsApp to communicate with SASSA directly. Overall, the WhatsApp Number 0820468553 serves as an additional option to streamline the grant application process and make it easier for beneficiaries to access the information they need. By embracing technology in this way, SASSA continues to prioritize the convenience and accessibility of the grant system for its recipients, ensuring that the application process remains inclusive and accessible for all South Africans.

SASSA WhatsApp Number Services In 2024

SASSA, the South African Social Services Agency, recently announced that they have made some changes to the application process for the SRD grant. These changes include the introduction of a WhatsApp number, which allows users to conveniently access various services related to their SRD grant application. By utilizing the SASSA WhatsApp number, individuals can conveniently perform the following tasks:

Check SASSA Status: 

Users can inquire about the status of their SRD grant application by sending a message to the SASSA WhatsApp number. This enables them to quickly determine whether their application has been processed or if they require any additional information or documents.

Apply for the SASSA SRD Grant: 

The WhatsApp number serves as a convenient platform for individuals to apply for the SRD grant. By sending a message to the number, users can inquire about the application process and receive guidance on the supporting documents and eligibility criteria. This eliminates the need for applicants to visit physical SASSA offices or fill out lengthy forms.


One-time pins (OTPs) are essential to access the SRD grant application form. If the user has lost their OTP or needs to retrieve it, they can simply send a message to the SASSA WhatsApp number. SASSA will provide the user with the OTP, allowing them to complete the application process efficiently.

The SASSA WhatsApp number also serves as a resource for frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the SRD grant. Users can receive answers to common queries, such as application deadlines, eligibility criteria, and payment details, all via the convenience of WhatsApp. 

Overall, the utilization of the SASSA WhatsApp number simplifies the SRD grant application process by providing users with a convenient and accessible platform. Whether it’s checking the status of their application, applying for the grant, retrieving their OTP, or seeking answers to common questions, users can now conveniently manage their SRD grant needs through WhatsApp.

How to check SASSA R350 status via Whatsapp?

To add the SASSA WhatsApp number to your phone’s contact list, please follow the steps below:

1. Open your phone’s contact list.

2. Search for the “SASSA” entry or add a new contact.

3. Input the SASSA WhatsApp number (0820468553) as the contact’s name or phone number.

4. Save the SASSA WhatsApp number to your phone’s contact list.

Once you have added the SASSA WhatsApp number to your phone’s contact list, you can now proceed with the next steps.

To initiate the chat and request your SASSA application status, simply type “SASSA” and send it to the saved SASSA WhatsApp number. You will receive an automated response with a list of choices. Reply by typing “SRD R350 Status” or “STATUS”. 

Upon receiving your reply, you will be asked if you have your application reference number. If you have it, please reply with “Yes”. Otherwise, reply with “No”. If you replied with “No”, your chat will end with the message “We cannot determine your status”. Next, you will be prompted to provide the phone number that you used while applying for the SASSA SRD grant. Please provide that number in your response. If you are unable to remember your number, there is a process to recover it. 

After providing your cell phone number, you will again be asked if you have the Reference number if you replied “Yes” for the second last response. Please type in your reference number in this step. Finally, you will receive your SASSA application status in the last response. The response will include details regarding the progress of your application and any additional information or instructions provided by the SASSA support team. 

How to Apply for SASSA R350 Grant via WhatsApp Line

You can also use the SASSA WhatsApp number to apply for the R350 SRD grant. If you haven’t yet, please follow these steps.

  • Add the SASSA WhatsApp Number ( 0820468553 ) to your contact list on your mobile phone.
  • Send the message ” SASSA ” to your saved WhatsApp number.
  • The response will have a variety of options. Type ” SRD ” in the message box to reply.
  • You will now be asked to indicate whether you are applying on behalf of yourself or someone else. If you are using it on your behalf, reply with ” myself“.
  • You’ll then be asked to provide your name, surname and ID card number. Your address, bank details and other basic information will also be requested. Please provide all necessary information.
  • After providing the required information, you must accept the terms and conditions. This agreement gives SASSA access to your data to verify your financial status and details.
  • Continue to follow the WhatsApp replies until you get the confirmation message for the submission.

You can apply for the SRD R350 grant using WhatsApp. Your application has now been successfully submitted. SASSA will review it and make a final decision. You will then be informed if it has been approved or not. The SASSA may review your application for up to 90 days, depending on their workload and the number of applications they receive.

If you are approved for the grant, you will be paid the amount you requested in the month you submitted your application. You will receive a rejection notice with a valid explanation and instructions for appealing the decision if it is unfair.

SASSA SRD R350 Grant FAQs on SASSA WhatsApp

If you have any basic questions about the SASSA SRD R350 grant, you can get their answers on the SASSA WhatsApp service. In order to access this service, send a message to the SASSA WhatsApp number by typing “SASSA.” Once you receive the automated response, reply with “FAQ.” By doing so, you will receive all the SRD grant FAQs in the WhatsApp message response. 

Moreover, the SASSA WhatsApp service aims to provide a convenient and efficient way for grant beneficiaries to get their questions answered. Simply send a message with “SASSA,” and you will be prompted with different options.

By selecting “FAQ,” you will receive a list of frequently asked questions related to the SRD grant. The FAQs provided through the SASSA WhatsApp service cover a wide range of topics, including eligibility criteria, application processes, payment schedules, and troubleshooting issues. 

Furthermore, the information provided is designed to be concise and easy to understand, ensuring that grant beneficiaries can quickly find the information they need. To use the SASSA WhatsApp service, grant beneficiaries must have an active WhatsApp account and a compatible device.

They should then save the SASSA WhatsApp number, which is typically provided on the official SASSA website or through other official communication channels. 

When sending a message to the SASSA WhatsApp number, it is important to include the specific keyword or phrase that triggers the automated response.

In this case, typing “SASSA” and selecting “FAQ” will initiate the process and provide you with the list of frequently asked questions. The SASSA WhatsApp service is a valuable tool for grant beneficiaries seeking general information or clarification on various aspects of the SRD grant.

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