How to Cancel SASSA Grant –  A Complete Guide

You may cancel the SASSA Grant in the event that you are no longer in need of it or wish to help those who have more needs than yourself. You must take this step to avoid any government restrictions or penalties that may impact your ability to get a government job after becoming a SASSA recipient. The process is easy. 

In fact, you need to fill out a consent and submit it electronically. Your monthly payments will cease after SASSA has approved your grant cancellation. Follow our instructions on how to cancel your SASSA Grant properly. This will allow funds to be redistributed to others who need financial help. So let your hair down, I’ve prepared a complete guide that will make your mind swift;

How to Cancel Your SASSA Grant Online?

If you are a recipient of the SASSA SRD R350 grant and have found employment, it is important to cancel your grant if you no longer require it. The SASSA grant is a government-operated program that aims to provide financial assistance to eligible individuals in need. 

To ensure that the funds are distributed fairly and efficiently, there are strict requirements that recipients must adhere to. One requirement is that beneficiaries of this grant are not allowed to apply for government sector jobs (public servants) and should not receive any other benefits from other government programs, such as UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) and NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme). 

Moreover, If you find yourself in a situation where you no longer need the SASSA grant because you have been lucky enough to secure a job, you can easily cancel your grant online. This online method allows you to quickly cancel your SRD R350 grant and any other social grant that you may be receiving. Follow these steps to cancel your SASSA grant online:

Visit the SASSA Cancellation Portal on to cancel your SASSA grant.

Click on the Cancel my application Tab.

You can cancel online by clicking the yellow button.

You will be prompted to enter your information in a new window.

You will need to enter your SASSA grant ID and your cell phone number.

You will receive an SMS containing the SASSA OTP code when you click on the Send Pin button.

Verify that you are the applicant by providing the OTP code.

You can cancel your Grant by clicking on “Cancel my Grant.”

Click ‘Yes” to accept your decision and cancel the Grant.

Your cell number will be notified by an SMS confirming that your request to cancel the SASSA Grant was sent.

Cancellation through Whatsapp 

You can also cancel your grant via WhatsApp.

  • Send a message “Cancel SASSA grant R350” on to their WhatsApp number: 82 0468553.
  • You will receive a list with options to choose from.
  • To confirm your cancellation, select the “Cancel My Application” option. Text your ID number and mobile registered number to them.

Cancellation Request for SASSA R350 via Email 

If you want to cancel your SASSA R350 Graemaild to avoid waiting in long lines, you can email SASSA’s support team. This is an easy and quick way to cancel a grant. You must email [email protected] with the subject line “Cancellation Request” and provide your ID number, registered phone number, and the reason for cancellation. The SASSA office mail sport team will review and respond to your request within a few days. Email is the best way to contact them if you have questions about this special grant. The support team can answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding this grant.

Cancel the SRD application via phone

If the online method hasn’t worked, there are two ways to cancel your application. You can contact the SRD Grant team via Whatsapp on 082 046 8555. You can also send a text message with “Cancel SASSA Grant R350” and then follow the prompts. You can also call Sassa’s helpline at 0800 601 1 011 if you do not have WhatsApp. The representative will then ask you for your details, answer your questions, and confirm the cancellation of your SRD R350.

How do I reapply for an SRD grant? 

Do you want to reapply for the SASSA grant R350? You may have had a failed application and want to try again. We will guide you through the reapplication process. It is important to note that previous recipients of the Social Relief of Distress Grant will have to reapply if they wish to receive the grant again. 

To be eligible, you must be between 18 and 60 years old, a South African, a permanent resident, a refugee, an asylum seeker, or hold a special permit. Enter your mobile number to reapply for the SASSA R350 Grant. The One-Time Pin will be sent to you. You must enter it to complete the application. To send your application, enter the required information and click on “Submit.” Your application will be confirmed by SMS. You will need a South African ID (ID) number and a registered cell phone to be eligible to apply for the SASSA grant of R350.

What Can I Do to Fix a Declined Grant for SRD? 

If your SRD Grant application is declined, don’t worry. The South African Social Security Agency has provided you with a way to appeal and have your application reconsidered. Follow the simple steps below to get your grant application reviewed. Visit the SRD site and click on the Application for Reconsideration button. 

Click on the link that says “Click here to apply for reconsideration,” and enter your ID number and mobile number when asked. Follow the prompts to complete your payment reconsideration. Please note that the deadline to appeal is 30 days after the rejection date. Act quickly to get your SRD grant. To be eligible for the SRD grant, you must be between 18 and 60, unemployed, without any alternative income source or financial support, and not a recipient of another grant.

How Much Time It Takes to Cancel SASSA Grant?

You can expect a reply within seven days of submitting your online request to cancel the SASSA grant. During this period, you’ll no longer receive the SASSA R350 Grant and SASSA Social Grant, as requested in your application. The SASSA Status Checker allows you to confirm that your SASSA grant cancellation has been completed online. This will ensure that the SASSA status checker shows no recipients, and therefore, you can apply for any government job without issues.

The SASSA Grant Cancellation process ensures that recipients are no longer eligible to receive the grant and are no longer considered beneficiaries. This termination takes place following the submission of an online appeal by the individual requesting the cancellation of their grant. SASSA will then process this request and respond within the specified timeframe, which is typically one week. 

Once the cancellation process is completed, the person will no longer be entitled to receive the SASSA Grant. This means that they will no longer receive the funds that were allocated to them under the SASSA R350 Grant or a SASSA Social Grant. This cancellation is necessary if the person intends to apply for government jobs, as it ensures that they are not disqualified due to being a beneficiary of a grant. 

To confirm the cancellation of your SASSA Grant, you can use the SASSA Status Checker. Overall, when you submit an online appeal to cancel your SASSA Grant, you can expect to receive a response within 7 days. Following the cancellation, your grant will be terminated, and you will no longer be eligible to receive the SASSA R350 Grant or a SASSA Social Grant. To confirm the cancellation of your grant, you can use the SASSA Status Checker. This confirmation ensures that your grant is canceled and that you are no longer a recipient, allowing

Re-open My Canceled Application Sassa 

If your situation changes, you can always reinstate your canceled application. The organization will review your application, and they will either accept it or reject it before the 15th of the month that you applied. You can reapply if your application is rejected. 

This guide will explain how to reinstate your sassa. You see? You can cancel your SASSA grant with ease. You only need the willpower to cancel your SASSA relief grant. Why would anyone want to scam money? These SASSA grants are meant for those who are in desperate need and can’t even afford to purchase food for themselves.

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