Why My SASSA Status Pending – Approve Your Status

You shouldn’t worry too much if you applied for SASSA and are still waiting to hear about your SASSA status. SASSA has to deal with thousands of applications for SASSA SRD Grants. Each application must be verified and processed. What if your SASSA R350 Status is still pending because you applied but took longer than anticipated? This article will explain the SASSA status, the process of processing your application, and how long it takes to be approved.

Why is My SASSA Status Pending in 2024?

SASSA status “pending” means your application has been received, but SASSA still needs to verify and review it before it can be approved. SASSA will need to verify your financial and government records, including citizenship and financial situation, to determine if you qualify for the grant. This does not mean that the application has been rejected. It just means that SASSA is still reviewing it.

You will be notified after your application has been approved or rejected. If you are approved, you will need to give your bank account details to receive the grant payment. If your application is rejected, you will receive the reasons why.

Reasons why your status is still pending

There are several reasons why your application has not been processed. The high number of applications sent to SASSA is one of the major reasons. Your application may be behind the queue of thousands. SASSA verifies each application manually, which can be a lengthy process. SASSA checks the application with multiple databases before approving it. The main databases that SASSA checks against include:

SASSA Status Pending
  • Department of Home Affairs Verification: Your ID number is checked against the Department of Home Affairs database to ensure that you’re a South African permanent resident or refugee registered at the DHA and to confirm your details.
  • South African Revenue Services Check: The check also verifies your financial status and income by comparing your ID with South African Revenue Services. The verification ensures that you are eligible for the grant: You must not be employed and you cannot receive social benefits.
  • Unemployment Insurance Fund Check (UIF). SASSA will also check your Unemployment Insurance Fund to ensure that you are not receiving unemployment benefits.
  • NSFAS funds verification: Your ID will also be checked against the National Student Financial Aid Scheme database (NSFAS), to ensure you do not receive any financial assistance.

SASSA will also check your application with databases such as the Department of Social Development and the National Credit Regulator.

SASSA will then assess the fraud potential using a fraud scoring system to analyze your ID and telephone numbers.

You should now better understand why it takes SASSA so long to approve and verify your application. Let’s continue reading to learn more about how SASSA verifies applications and what you can do to speed up your verification.

How soon will I be approved?

Approval of your SASSA application could take 90 days. It depends, however, on how many applications are received and what other processes of verification we have discussed. You must use the process above if your application has not been approved after 90 days. SASSA will then give you an update on the application status.

How to Avoid Longer Status Pending Wait?

Your actions can cause your application to be delayed. Follow these best practices to avoid longer delays with your application.

  • Complete the Application: The application must be submitted with all information. SASSA may ask you for missing or incomplete information if you have not signed the application form. This will make the verification process take longer.
  • Do Not Provide Incorrect Information. Do not provide incorrect information, whether you did so by accident or in an attempt to commit fraud. This can delay the verification of your application as SASSA will find it difficult to verify. Incorrect information could also result in application rejection or legal action.
  • All Documents Required: Please provide all documents required. SASSA may ask for more documents if you don’t provide them all. This will delay the verification of your application.

You can speed up the application process by following these guidelines. This will minimize any delays on your part. SASSA can then focus on the verification process and approve your application quickly.

To keep up to date with the progress of your application, you should periodically check your status.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “SASSA Status Pending” mean?

If you see the “SASSA status pending”, this simply means your application has been received and is being reviewed before it can be approved. This does not indicate that your application has been rejected. It simply means SASSA requires more time to verify if the applicant is eligible.

What is the status of my SASSA SRD Application?

Delays in processing your application can be caused by a number of factors. The main reason is the large number of applications received by SASSA. This causes your application to fall behind the queue.

Another reason for the delay is that SASSA checks your eligibility and personal information by comparing it with various government databases.

What is the typical time for SASSA applications to be approved by SASSA?

SASSA grant applications are processed at different speeds depending on what type you apply for. SASSA applications can take 90 days or more to be approved. Processing times may differ depending on factors such as the number of SASSA applications received, and whether your application is being verified against government databases.

How should I proceed if after 90 days my SASSA application has not been approved?

You can contact SASSA by using their Toll-Free number or WhatsApp to find out the status of your application.

Does a SASSA status pending mean that the application has been rejected?

However, a “SASSA Status Pending” does not indicate that your application has been rejected. This means that SASSA is reviewing and verifying your application. The process is lengthy and includes multiple checks and verifying your eligibility.


Overall, a pending SASSA status doesn’t mean rejection. The SASSA receives a high volume of applications which can cause delays. The pending status indicates that SASSA has not yet reviewed your eligibility. This includes an extensive process that involves several checks and verifying. Contact SASSA via WhatsApp, Toll-Free Number, or visit a local SASSA office if you don’t receive an update in 90 days. Following these steps and being patient will help you receive your SASSA grant.

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